Engine transfer to the City of Annapolis
By Volunteer Recruiter Brian Clements
July 4, 2018

This afternoon at approximately 3:13pm, Engine 131 (E813) was alerted to transfer to the quarters of the West Annapolis Volunteer Fire Department, Station 40 in Annapolis (Anne Arundel County).

While enroute, Anne Arundel Fire Alarm (Communications) advised the wagon to transfer to the City of Annapolis, Station 38 (Taylor Avenue), just outside of the United States Naval Academy. Engine 131 was soon alerted to respond to a medical emergency on West Street.

The wagon soon cleared and continued on their transfer to Station 38.

Units from Anne Arundel, City of Annapolis, US Naval Academy and Queen Anne’s County were working a second alarm townhouse fire in the Cape St. Claire portion of the county, off US Route 50.

Engine 131 cleared their transfer just after 6:30pm.

Units: E813
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